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Our 7-year-old English golden, Miss Landers, has been showing signs of nausea -- mainly lip smacking -- for a few weeks. We took her to the vet when she started having occasional vomiting and coughing/gagging. We're waiting on bloodwork results, and in the meantime she's taking Pepcid. Has anyone had experience with this sort of chronic discomfort?

Her energy is good, and she's put on several pounds in recent weeks. (She has been getting very little exercise, and lots of treats, so we're not very concerned about the weight gain--just glad she's not losing weight.)

Several months ago I spent a lot of time on this forum when Landers suddenly developed a very frightening mass in her chest. The signs were terrible, and we had to prepare for the worst, but to our incredible relief, the mass simply went away on its own. I really appreciated the support of the members of this site, and want to thank you again for helping me and my husband get through a frightening time.

Would love you-all's insight on the current symptoms. Thank you!
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