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Hi everyone,

I'm at my wits end and feeling very frustrated, so I'm hoping for your advice and emotional support!

Our 6 month old, Macklin, received his canine bordetella vaccine orally about a month ago. Within 24 hours, he was having mucousy diarrhea every 2-3 hours. Our vet assured us that this was not a result of the vaccine, but up until this point we had never had any issues like this (he was eating Dr. Gary's Best Breed and then switched to Purina Complete Puppy Chow).

He went on a bland chicken/rice diet, which blocked him up (very small, solid poo) and after going back on regular food and back to regular, mucousy diarrhea (which sometimes included blood), our vet put him on a round of metroindazole (4 days). This seemed to clear up his issues (regular, solid poo), but they immediately came back after the antibiotics were over. He then went on 5 days of albon, which did not firm up the poo but helped with the urgent going every 2-3 hours and no more mucous. Edit: I should mention fecal tests every time came back negative for the normal stuff, incl. giardia and coccidia.

We have also tried the Iams Sensitive food at the recommendation of the vet, but he is continuing to have these diarrhea problems. We have stopped feeding anything else - treats, peanut butter, etc. He is now back on chicken and rice, but that's obviously not a sustainable option.

So, has anyone ever had these issues with their pup? The mucous/blood in diarrhea (along with frequent, small amounts) seems to point to colitis, but the actual cause is still a mystery. Could this be an effect of the oral bordetella vaccine? Is it food-related? Our vet has been wonderful but I'm now wondering if I should get a second opinion. Any wisdom or experiences you have to share would be so helpful!
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