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I just wanted to pass something along that I just discovered. Those of you that have been in the game a while or are pro's may know this already. I didn't.

A very very kind and generous friend recently gave me one of their no-longer-used Chris Christens KOOL DRY Dryers. I was/am thrilled. They knew I struggled with my 20 year old little orange Metro dryer. Nice little dryer for the money, but just doesn't have the oomph you need.

This dryer is a game changer for me. So nice to use. It's soooo much more powerful than the little Metro and it is significantly quieter too. I don't know if it is as powerful as a K-9 III that I've used once or twice.

It's pretty old and has been around the block a few times. I took it all apart, cleaned everything as well as I could. In use the hose would pop out sometimes from the pressure. I looked closer at it and noticed the plastic port you plug the hose into has several cracks. The cracks cause the hose to not fit tight which allows it to pop out during use.

Being a woodworker and do-it-yourself person, I looked at all different ways of fixing it. I even considered making a new one on my lathe. All the options I considered were time consuming and/or kind of expensive.

On a whim I looked at the Chris Christens web site thinking they might sell parts. Didn't find anything on their site. I did see they still sell this same dryer - $350. :surprise: I had no idea it was still made and sold.

I figured what the heck I'll call them. Maybe they sell the part. If they do it's probably stupid expensive but I'll try. I called. Nice lady answers. I explain the problem. She said sure we sell that. It's about $2.50. What? She asked if I want a replacement filter. Something like $1. Sure I'll take one.

That's amazing. After just a few dollars in parts I have an awesome little dryer.

So, the moral of the story is sometimes it's worthwhile to call the manufacture/seller to see if you can fix it (your dryer) rather than throw it away and buy a new one. Also, if you have one of of these dryers or a different Chris Christens dryer, know that you can call them for replacement parts.

Just wanted to pass that along. Plus I am thrilled to finally have a 'real' dryer...

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Yeah, that little orange metro is a great one to carry in a suitcase JUST IN CASE you need one but for the money it's not anywhere near what another $75 will get you (and that wouldn't get you a CC one or a K9- BUT I do see k9's on Offer Up and on CL now and then- I got a great K9III that was brand new for $100! It was missing the hose but I got that from k9..)
SO Happy for you! There's nothing quite as nice as a good dryer.
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