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So I just rented a house and when I went to sign the lease tonight, we did a walk through and I decided to check the backyard again. That's when I noticed the tree. I wish I had taken a picture of it but I looked it up online and I'm pretty sure it's a cherry choke tree and might be poisonous to dogs.

Some websites say it is and some say it's not so I'm not sure though. Just wondering if anyone on the board knew anything about it?

The good news is the owner was already planning to get an estimate on how much it would be to remove the tree (his original reason was to reduce the amount of raking) so I'm hoping he will end up removing it and at the very least, he said when he got the estimate, he would talk to the guy and find out exactly what type of tree it is and if it's safe for dogs.

My dad pointed out that the fruit is so sweet/bitter that the dog wouldn't actually eat it anyway but that's not a risk I want to take till I have all the details.

I'm really hoping if it is dangerous for dogs, the landlord will remove it. The big backyard was one of my biggest reasons for deciding to rent that house.
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