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Chew toy help

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My 7 1/2 month old 65 lb Dexter has recently become a chewing machine when it comes to rawhides and other supposed "long lasting" chewable treats. He is ripping through them in minutes. We have tried bully sticks, big rawhides, cheeze filled bones (he gets bored by them once he can't lick any more cheeze, instead of chomping his way into them to get the rest), and all sorts of Dingo varieties.

Any suggestions for something, of the same nature, that will last longer?

He shows no interest in chewy toys like Kong or Nylabones, and we don't have a chewing problem in general, but sometimes it's nice to give him something to distract him long enough to cook and eat dinner.
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ANTLERS!!!!!!! We have some that get chewed daily and we've had them since Easter. Do a search and you'll see tons of threads about them.
Sometimes you have to rough up the nylabones first. Scratch them up on the concrete so the scent is fresh. Sometimes that helps.
I had a friend tell me about ANTLERS as well. I almost bought one last trip to the petstore, but they were pricey (15.99) and I thought I might get cheaper online.
I agree about the antlers. All of mine are big chewers and the antlers will keep them occupied for hours.
ANTLERS!!!!! They last forever and the guys love them. Try to buy the ones that are bigger in diameter and not too long. Antlers are usually sold by weight, so the longer ones are more. My little guy just spends hours trying to get to the inside, while the older one likes to chew on the edges. With the older one if I get one that is too narrow, she can crack a piece off, but I don't have that problem often.

The local store I buy from sell them by weight and I pick out the size and length I like. Piper is very particular about the ones she wants so she goes with me; Bailey is happy with them all!!!
Bailey loves marrow bones. I take the marrow out of the middle and give it to her a little at a time as it seems to be very rich. The marrow bones are her favorite.
Being so solid, are the antlers bad for dog teeth?
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