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Charlotte, nc-buford, sc-begging for help

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Darlene and Larry and Veronica are begging for your help if you live in the Charlotte, NC-Buford SC area.
Roxie has been lost for 15 days. They are running every which way, checking shelters, trying to track her, talking to leads, and REALLY NEED HELP.


Please-Veronica sent this plea out this morning.
If you are in Charlotte, NC or Bufort, SC or anywhere close or in between please please call her if you can help!!


Is there anyone in Waxhaw (Charlotte) NC or Bufort, SC that can help look for Roxie.

Help is needed to locate little Roxie. Waxhaw, NC is located in Union County, outside of Charlotte, NC.
If you live in this area and have some free time and can HELP, please contact
Veronica at #704-843-7982 or Roxie's owner, Darlene at #904-708-3351.
Veronica's email is: [email protected] Calling her would be better though.

A request to help make phone calls, check area shelters regularly, including the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control Shelter for little Roxie.
Can you look online at all of the shelters in the Charlotte NC and Buford SC area for Roxie everyday?



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I can make calls or Emails. But not anywhere close to the area. Should I just call the number listed?


Can you call Veronica
and offer to help by making calls and sending emails.

Bless you!!
Yes I will call her now! Glad I can finally help!
Thank you

Thank you Lucky Pup
I've passed on to friends in hopes they can pass onto friends and so on.

This poor baby has ben gone awhile. Maybe someone picked her up? Have they had sightings?
Karen, It appears one of the area codes are incorrect. On the ad it says area code 704 on the posting it is 710. If I call the # with the 710 area code it asks me to enter my password. I left a message on the 704 area code.
There have been sightings

There have been sightings.
Roxie has been LOST for 15 days now! Poor little girl.
Noey thanks for spreading the word.
have they contacted the rescue in that area...they might be able to get help with searching.
what about contacting a local boy scout or girl scout troop....they could earn a service badge?...they might be willing to help.
Thanks for the correction

Thanks for the correciton.

VERONICA'S PHONE IS: 704-843-7982
I live too far away to help. I sure hope they find Roxie soon.

Fingers and paws crossed and prayers said.
Boy Scout/Girl Scout

what about contacting a local boy scout or girl scout troop....they could earn a service badge?...they might be willing to help.

great idea!
Don't give up on Roxie!

Don't forget roxie


Please don't forget Roxie!
Veronica really needs help. You don't have to live in NC or SC.I live in Illinois and Lucky Pup lives in MO and we are trying to look at shelters on Petfinder for her and sending emails out.
Carolina Mom and Merlin's Mom are doing much, too!!

please CALL VERONICA TO HELP! 704 843 7982

P.S. CAROLINA MOM has forwarded all of your suggestions including the girl scout, boy scout idea to Veronica.
Keep them coming!!!
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Today's Update from Veronica

THURSDAY 11/12/09

1. SHELTER SEARCH: The Shope's are on their way to York County Shelter. They will also check Lancaster. Yesterday they went to Union but it was closed for the holiday. Today they will check Union again.

Colleen, will you be at Mecklenburg to check today? I know they know you and work with you, if you cannot be there, would you call them for the Shope's?

2. TRACKING/NEWS: Loyal/tracker dog is on standby waiting for weather to clear and ground to dry a little. Projected time for search is this afternoon or tomorrow morning. TV 3 reporter may be doing story; this reporter wants to do this story... I will be with the tracker and I'll continue to facilitate the story for the reporter. Terry, I will be ready to return your trap, tarp, etc. as soon as you need it. Larry can deliver it to your home in his truck. Barbara, is there another available trap should we need it?

3. CANVASSING: The Shope's will be making new flyers. Kerry Studer (704 243 2348) may be making a new design. I will create a Spanish flyer. The Shope's will be visiting more schools today.

Arlene, a neighbor in Stone Gate, the last sighting, has committed to copying flyers we gave her and distributing 260 to the homes at Stonegate. This neighborhood did receive
the FindToto call. Additionally, I met the neighborhood's web master and he will be posting Roxie's info on that neighborhood's website. I will need to call Arlene Hrenyo (704 243 0257) to see if she's been able to put out the flyers, or will be able soon, to do so. She and Domick (704 243 6725), her neighbor who called with the last sighting of Roxie on Monday around noon, are prepared to meet Loyal and to be interviewed.


Neya, you'll be checking frequently the hourly reports coming out of Char-Meck!

Sandy (CFGRR), you've set up an account for the SC Craig's List and will manage both NC and SC, continuing to re-post Roxie by or before the 30-day expiration time.

Karen (Cell Phone: 815-245-0248) and Sandy, you are daily checking FidoFinder, Petfinder Classifieds, Craig's List and Pet Harbor and continuing to e-mail the Golden Retriever Forum. You are communicating with all Golden Rescues in our vicinity: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

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I got Roxie listed on a few more Lost Dog sites this afternoon.

Anyone a member of a Yahoo Group? If you are, can you post Roxies picture (s) and info on there?

Karen has her on Facebook-thanks!

If anyone else has any ideas, please share!
See Carolina Mom msg.

Please see Carolina Mom Msg.
Is anyone a member of Yahoo
Can you please post Roxie's Flyer on Yahoo???


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I've been emailing kennels in the area and attaching Roxie's flyer so they can post it at their desk. Every little bit helps!

I hope she is found by Sunday, but if not I think I'll be able to help them look.
Has anyone contact the Golden rescues groups in the area to make sure they know she is missing in case a "stray" is turned into rescue?
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