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Charlie's getting skittish

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Charlie is now almost 5 months now and the about the last few weeks he has been very skittish towards people and dogs that he doesn't know. They will try to come to him and he runs away. We have a 5lb tea cup chiuaua (Daisy) who gets very skittish around people and I think he might be taking after her. He does not get bite or growl and he will warm up to you but it seems like it takes time to trust a person. Do you have any suggestions to help stop that? I was thinking about walking him allown more because we walk both dogs at once and I feel he might be picking up Daisy's trates.
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I would take him out on his own to see how he acts. Carry some treats and sneak them to a person. Have them tempt him with it. Also if you have some friends ask them to help out and greet him on a walk with treats.
Also they can go thru a fear period, just dont use babytalk to comfort them because it will reinforce the fear.
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