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Hello all. I just found the forum. I plan to poke around the forum(mostly in the hunt test area) from time to time. Though I am currently banging away as a Product Director in the corporate world and training for hunt tests/hunting in my spare time I trained gun dogs professionally for 7 years in the early 90s. I hope to help a few and continue learn from others.

My 9 month old Golden "Wasatch Resolute Cassie" is out of Wasatch Kennels here in Colorado. Sire is Banger MH and Dam is HRCH Flyer. Dr. Mark Powell does a great job with the Wasatch Goldens. Cassie is a great marker, her nose is strong and she is freaky smart (common for a Golden!).

Cassie has been a great retriever since I brought her home at 7 weeks and we are preparing her now for some south Texas winter duck hunts, HRC upland tests and HRC seasoned tests in the early spring.

Attached are two pics. The mountain shot was at 6 months. The picture of her running lines at 8 months.

More to follow,



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