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Casey jumping with joy

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I received this beautiful photo from Karen Hocker photography yesterday. This is his first time coming out of retirement and looking like he's enjoying himself - I should enter him in more trials I think :)
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What a gorgeous boy, he does like he's enjoying himself.
Wonderful photo! Way to go Casey!
Casey does look pretty darned proud of himself. He has still got the right stuff. Great photograph of your boy.
That is a beautiful picture and I think he is very happy to be back doing agility. What a big smile.
I adore this picture, and also just seeing the joy in a retired guy getting out to SHINE
he looks like he's so happy to be jumping! Great pic :)
i would say that's what happy looks like. I'd enter him just to see that face.
What a stunning photo! He's having a GREAT time!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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