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Hello all,

I have a question about how long to let my dogs paw heal before letting him run around again. Lore, my 2 year old puppers scraped his carpal pads badly a couple of weeks ago when playing fetch. I washed it out with peroxide and kept Neosporin on with a bandage for a couple of days. It hasn't been bothering him at all, and isn't showing any sign of infection or problems healing but it is still very pink instead of the normal black paw pad color, and I am worried about it getting reinjured if I let him run around outside too much.

He has been playing fetch indoors and going on walks daily, but still has a lot of energy and really misses going to the dog park and running on the lawn. Any advice on helping him be both healthy and happy is welcome.

Pics of his paw pad after two weeks of healing and his brother Data consoling him after it was cleaned and bandaged because it was so sweet.
IMG_6986 1.jpg


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