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I just heard that Puf's favorite playmate Tarçın was hit by a car and died. We are all very sad about this here at my neighborhood. He was off-leash at the time and wandered onto the street. Something he hasn't done before.

I keep Puf on the leash near the street but still there might be accidents when he'll get loose or something and I'd like to know if there is anything that can be done to teach him some street skills.

I see strays on the street navigating traffic easily, some even stopping at the traffic light waiting for a green light but those must be the result of tens of close calls. Not every one of them is so lucky evidenced by the bodies of the unlucky on the side of the road.

The only thing I can think of and I was doing this already is to have Puf on the leash when trying to cross the street and having him sit by the curb, wait, then telling him to walk. Is there anything else anyone can think of ?



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What you are doing is good. Unfortunately, as you have seen from the street dogs, usually they learn street smarts because of close calls.

I will say that my Jasper is nervous around cars driving down the road when we are out walking, so maybe there is some innate sense that helps them.
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