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Canine Chiropractics

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Do many of you have your dogs adjusted at a canine chiropractor?
I was watching an agility match, and I saw many folks run their dogs over for massage, and I have a friend who frequently gets her dogs adjusted by a canine chirpractor and massaged

I was wondering if many of you do this as well.
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We just started going because Bogey's puppy stomach issues (his gut ached for months on end) caused him to suck it in, which caused him to hunch his back. His pelvis was also a little out of whack. He went once and then went again three weeks later. Appointments are $40, and the chiro is also a DVM, which was also important to me.

Bogey was doing so well after just two appointments, that he doesn't have to go back for 6 weeks and, assuming that he is still okay, he'll just go every other month like Barb's dog.

I am a HUGE fan of chiros for people and doggies alike!
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