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Can you vacuum a golden?

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When I was at the barn this weekend and watching a friend vacuum her horse (with a vacuum made for this purpose) it got me thinking, could you vacuum a golden? And if so, would you need to start with a puppy to get them used to it? I used to vacuum my horse everyday in the winter, and it really made grooming easier.
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One of the barn cats at the boarding school I went to for high school loved for me to vacuum him too! He'd walk up while I was vacuuming my pony and wouldn't leave until I did his entire body too!
I don't see why not! I have never had one that shed that much, but I do dry them with the power dryer and the girls love that!
Rookie loves to be vacuumed. I almost wish he didn't because he gets underfoot when I'm trying to vacuum. After I finish vacuuming the floor, I put the upholstery attachment on and Rookie gets a bit of a vacuum. It's not a super strong vacuum and I'm pretty careful only to use on his top and sides.
Bailey loves to be vacuumed. I'm not sure that it's very effective, but it probably does get some hair off. We had one of the guys here doing a vacuum demonstration once. When he turned on the vacuum Bailey went over and stood by him because she wanted him to use it on her.
Bissel makes an attachment for vacuums to groom dogs with. Dr. Foster & Smith carry it.
I vacuum Coby! It started when he was young, and now when he hears me get the vacuum out, he's right by my side. I agree, I don't know how effective it is for hair removal, but he gets such a kick out of it, it's worth the couple of minutes it takes to do it.
Ginny used to love being vacuumed, Holly tolerated it and Ralph was terrified. It's a work in progress for Quinn & Reeva, they just won't stand still long enough
Honey loves to be vacuumed I use the upholstery tool it is great for getting the dust etc out of her coat I have a Miele and can turn the suction down to 3 she is done 3-4 times a week:)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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