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Can I sleep in your bed? Pretty Please!

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He does this to me all the time


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I hope he gets his wish. I have two boys and they get 95% of my king sized bed. I wake up every morning as the peanut butter in a golden sandwich. :D
Mine also hog the bed, wouldn't have it any other way.
lol - I say yes!

He can come cuddle with Molson and I this weekend while my bf is away :D shhhh! (Molson's not allowed on the bed when he's home :()
I think he should!! haha... Lucy owns my bed!
Aww - what a sweetie to ask permission! Griff just takes over as soon as we're out of bed. He's not too keen on sharing - he wants it all to himself!
I think he should!! haha... Lucy owns my bed!
I wouldn't mind Ace being in my bed except that he won't sit still for 2 consecutive minutes :no:

Any suggestions :confused:
How could you say NO, he is so cute.

I use to have one that would be off and on all the time, I wish he was still here to do just that!
I say let him up!!! How can anyone resist that face :)
Enjoy the squirming......he wants to be with you!
What an honor!!!
ok, ok !!
Tonight Ace sleeps in my bed :D
Awww... I wish hubby would let Bailey sleep with Maybe someday.
Yeah Ace, tonight you get to sleep in the bed!!!
Ace is adorable! When Zep started doing just that, i caved too. Now, he's a total bed hog and i wake up with sore hips/back/shoulders/neck from sleeping odd positions so as to not to disturb my sleeping pup. The things we do...:)
Gosh, I tell him he can sleep on my bed and he still thinks he needs to prove to me how cute he is!


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