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Hi friends... i just bring home a golden puppy for a week, his name is Justin, 2 months old.

this is my 1st puppy, so i dun really know how to take care a dog. He had a diarrhea and vomit as well. Vet said that he was getting a symptom of Parvo. im so afraid that he might die.

He is now getting recover, he is no longer diarrhea, but sometimes he vomit the medicine that i gave to him.

And now Justin is so lazy.. he doesn't want to play, he always sleep. can anyone give me an idea to how to get the puppy getting anthusiastic with playing, so that he had the emotion and happy feeling to recover soon.

Thanks for your relpy :)
He is only 8 weeks and he has been sick, so he may not feel like playing too much. Puppies this young sleep a lot too. If he doesn't seem better soon, let your Vet know--there could be some other health problem. Best wishes for his complete recovery. Get well soon Justin!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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