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can a breeder force me to neuter my dog?

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I am looking into getting another dog, possibly another Golden. We were thinking maybe something that doesn't shed so much but I have to say my heart really belongs to Golden's and I can't see myself having any other breed.

anyway. I have been looking at breeders sites and some of them say I have to spay/neuter at 10 months or no later than 12 months.
I strongly believe in waiting till 18-24 months.
So, what if I got a puppy and didn't neuter it at 10 months what could the breeder do?
Should I try to come to some sort of agreement with the breeder that I would never use the dog as a stud if they agreed to let me wait.
I have no intentions whatsoever to use any of my dogs as studs, Cody included but we do want to be able to wait the 18 months before we neuter.
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Just wondering, but how would the breeder know if you didn't get him neutered until later? Will s/he see your dog a lot? Do you live in the same town?
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