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Hi All - New here and just picked up our 8 week old golden retriever puppy on the 5th July. Poor boy came home and instantly had diarrhea which we initially put down to stress. Our vet provided us with some extra worming, probitoics and prescription food (Hills ID) but no change. After picking up 40 (yes 40!) stools on the Wednesday we noticed the colour change to a yellow with blood and mucas. He was also straining. He's later tested positive for Campylobacter.
Our vet is hesitant to give us antibiotics because of his age, but from reading other forums it seems like a long course of up to 3 weeks is necessary. He's been put on another week of probiotics and we've started him on some chicken and rice. Thankfully he can now hold his stool a bit longer but it is still full of mucas, blood and very runny - it almost looks like sick.

I guess my questions are:
1. The amount of chicken and rice that is recommended seems to be so little, only 0.75 of a cup for the whole day? I'm worried the only reason he's slowed down his stools is because of the quantity of food.
2. We've been advised to clean EVERYTHING so he doesn't re-infect himself. This includes the grass after he's been to the toilet - any advise on what I can use to disinfect that other than household cleaner?
3. We've also been advised to stop him eating everything he finds in the garden however he's not a fan of his lead. I'm trying to train him on the lead a few times a day but he's not keen on going to the toilet when he's on the lead and then as soon as I let him off he's got something else in his mouth.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm really worried we have a long road ahead with this.

Thank you

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Did you ask the vet WHY he is hesitant to give antibiotic? It might make you feel better to understand the thought process. It's my understanding that it's not always treated because it doesn't really shorten the duration of the diarrhea. My main concern would be making sure the puppy isn't dehydrating. The chicken and rice is bland and reduced amounts give his system a break. If he's eating that food and drinking, it just needs time to run it's course. And you'll want to follow the directions strictly on cleaning.

Have you let your puppy's breeder know that this is happening? He may not be the only puppy suffering. A lot of times these bacteria are present and don't cause a problem until the dog is stressed in some way from another illness or going to a new home. Then the stress allows the bacteria to overtake the immune system. If you're not sure, a second opinion from a different vet might make you feel better. I'm sorry you're going through this, it's no fun to have a sick puppy and leash walking is aggravating but he will get used to it if you're consistent. Hang in there, you will get through this.
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