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There's a family south of Calgary (DeWinton, AB) who had their young Great Pyrenees taken from their yard. The pup is young and fair and as such may be might be mistaken as a Golden cross from those who don't know any better. Juno's 'dad' is away in Afghanistan right now but the rest of their household are looking for him. I feel secure that it's not a scam as Juno's owners are a friend of a friend of mine, whom I trust.

If at all possible could anyone who resides in Southern Alberta keep an eye out for Juno? It would be hugely appreciated!

Link to kijiji ad

Quoted from link:

We are looking for our one year old, Great Pyrenees by the name of Juno. She is a large, white with tan markings, female. She is extremely friendly and will come say hello to everyone. As she is still young and fairly fine for a Great Pyr, she make be mistaken for a Golden Retriever cross. She was last seen in our backyard in near DeWinton, AB, just south of Calgary.
Upon our return, the gate was damaged and Juno's collar and tags were on the ground beside it.

If you may have purchased her, please contact the RCMP (or Calgary Police Service) in order to catch the culprit and prevent recurrences. If this is the case, we will be glad to refund the purchase price in order to have her returned to us. She is a valued member of our family and a reward is being offered for her return.


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Thanks for the heads up - I will send the link along to everyone I know!

How awful for the family...I hope they get their dog back safe and sound.
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