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Old Gold is the Best Gold
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I have tons!

"Long Haired German Shepherds! All the Right Stuff, Plus Some Fluff!"

"I *heart* my German Shepherd"

"Golden Rescue Transport" (with picture of Goldens)

"Adopt a Golden!" (Large magnetic ribbon, with rescued Goldens' photos on it, bought it from Mid-Florida GR Rescue)

"Be Golden!" with a smiling Golden face

"I *Heart" my Whippet"

An image of a Whippet that resembles Rigby

A head shot of a German Shepherd

An Obama/Biden sticker

And a "Yes We Did!" Obama sticker

"Adopt a Greyhound" ribbon magnet from GEM in Michigan where I buy my turn out muzzles for Greyhound fosters

Oh, and a memorial to my DH's father, you know one of those "In memory" type deals.

Got a healthcare (support) and gay marriage (support) one in the mail, should get them any day!

I also have a GR Rescue license plate frame

I *think* that's it.

I got all of them off Cafe Press except the one I bought at a rescue fund-raiser. And yes, I have a massive van to house all these, with room to spare ;)

the party's crashing us
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YES!!! Check out my website for golden decals & magnets galore :)

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