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I have realised over the past few weeks that Buddy is like a drug addict when it comes to treats and training. He is 9 months and when he knows there is a bit of sausage on its way he is really pretty reliable.. sit, down, stay ( even if I walk away a good distance with my back to him) he stays put, if there is a treat Under his nose he wont touch it until we tell him too and his recall is good both if I am in sight and out of sight , only if he KNOWS we left the house with treats in my Pocket and that he loves what is on offer. In fact with a pocketful of treats he will do almost anything on time everytime and I am confident with him. Problem is we have gradually been weaning him off the treats as the trainer showed us, one treat every few commands; mixing it up, and giving him lots of other praise instead but Buddy is now on to us. It has reached the point that if he is not TOTALLY sure we have food ie seeing it in my hand first, he ignores me completely. Brazenly. It is frustrating. I feel he is getting too old to be strung along by food all the time? What do you guys think? :wavey:
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