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Today I started making a Bucket Book for Anna and I. I feel like a lot of people wait until their dogs are elderly to make a bucket list, so I am making one for my puppy.

Some of the activities are:
-See the ocean
-Visit the Grand Canyon
-Become a Canine Good Citizen
-Try agility (health permitting, of course)
-Go geocaching

Have any of you guys done this when your dogs were puppies? What were some of the things you put on your list?

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I've never thought of it as a "bucket list", but yes, I suppose with at least the last couple puppies I've purchased, I've had hopes and dreams for them that were a bucket list of sorts :) For instance, when we picked up Montee I knew I wanted her to become a Master Hunter.

I like the idea of having fun items on a bucket list, though! All my dogs go to the ocean once or twice a year and love it, and I'm sure if Mosby had his own bucket list it would be to finally catch one of those squirrels that he loves chasing through the yard. Other things we do with our dogs that might be bucket list worthy are:

eat outside on the patio of a nice restaurant
go wine tasting/beer tasting
camping with lots of long, off leash hikes
see Niagara Falls (Mosby thought all that water and all those tourists that wanted to pet him were awesome)
retrieve a duck
try dock diving

Oh, I'd love to learn and teach my dogs tracking! I think they'd enjoy it.
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