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Brushing my Rico help

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My Rico is 11 weeks old and will not let me brush him without him biting me or him rolling over so I can't get to his back. I have 2 different kinds of brushes ( One with a bunch of little metal thin brissels and one that just has just one side of thicker metal spines) and I was just wondering if anyone has any advice?

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That's pretty normal. Brush him after he's played for a while so his energy level is low, or lower. Try giving him a treat while you're brushing him so he thinks it's a pleasant thing.
Be calm even when he's biting so you don't encourage it. And give him something to chew on--if he's got a Kong in his mouth, he can't bite the brush or you.

That said, even at a year, Tessie will sometimes bite the brush when she's excited.

i know someone who would smear peanut butter on the side of the fridge so the dog would have to stand up, and while he was licking the fridge she would brush him, or do his ears. worked for her and for the dog.

beth, moose and angel
I start out with a tired puppy, doing a part of a side at a time. Yes, it means that it can take several days for a complete comb out.
I do a lot of talking in a cutsey high pitched voice and feed a lot of pieces of dog kibble (it can be lunch or dinner for a puppy). One stroke of the brush gets one piece of kibble. Over time, we drop the food.
Now I can hit the comb and rake together and they come running to be first for the comb out.
I could get Bennett combed out in less than 30 minutes - and he would switch sides on command. The girls take an hour each, but they are Old English Sheepdogs in long coats (no undercoat though).
I had a labX that was impossible to brush. I bought a brush that fit like a mitten. Worked pretty well.

Hank is pretty good about it. I try to brush him everyday. I've yet to brush his "bottom", he usually lies down or on his side.
When Chester was a puppy I started grooming him with a softer brush (it didn't work to get the undercoat but he liked it better) I used the metal brushes every few swipes to get a good grooming session in. I also would give him a toy or one of his bath towels to hold in his mouth. He loves to be brushed now.
I started out brushing Bailey with a soft brush. I didn't use a slicker brush until recently. I brush Bailey just about everyday. She doesn't mind it anymore.
Just keep trying...some like it better than others. Casey really doesn't mind once I get going, but starts trying to hide once he sees the brush! I tie him to a door knob and give a treat periodically. I love the idea of smearing peanut butter on the fridge, etc. I might try that next time I brush him! They do need to get used to it when they are puppies or you have a really hard time once they are big and strong.
Like others have said give him food. I found carrots are awesome for grooming stuff because it takes my girl some time to chew them and while she is occupied I can brush/dremel.
The instructor in our puppy class said she would let her dog lick peanut butter while grooming her. Now her dog is very excited whenever her grooming begins!
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