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Bruised Wrist...

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got an email yesterday from my MIL who said Comet was limping pretty bad. We freaked and scheduled a vet visit ASAP. when i got home he was excited to see me and whining as usual but walking around like a dog with 3 legs.

oh man. freaked out x2. not pleasent seeing the lil guy in pain, luckily its only a bruised wrist, maybe he did it on the walk yesterday am (it was raining BAD) or from jumping off the chair or couch. doc gave him 5 days of inflamatory drugs and said to hold off on walks for a few days.

luckily he's teething and obsessed with rawhide donuts the last couple of days so he'll work on that all night long. other than that missing two walks so far he's def wound up. but this morning he walking with that slinky snake like movement so he seems better. good.
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Ouch. Agreed on the rawhide.
The best thing is raw soup bones from the butcher shop or meat dept.
Tessie loves them and when she's done eating the marrow, we restuff them with american cheese like a Kong, but much better tasting.
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