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Brody diagnosed with Lymphoma

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I posted this on another thread yesterday, but it was suggested that I start my own thread (sorry I'm still getting to know how this board works). I really appreciate everyone who has already responded to my message on the other thread
Our 5 year old golden Brody has just been diagnosed with lymphoma. just a week ago he was his usual self, running around the backyard. a few days later he was very lethargic and just not himself. we brought him to the vet 2 days ago when they diagnosed. the official results came back yesterday. this afternoon we have our visit with the oncologist, which i believe will involve x-rays, ultrasound and liver aspiration to determine just how bad it is. we're completely devastated. it kills me to see him in the backyard not even able to run after a tennis ball, his usually favorite thing to do. i can't even imagine the decisions we'll have to make soon, or what to tell my 2 year old child once it gets towards the end. it's hard to believe how fast it happened, in just a matter of days really. i've been reading online that without treatment they usually have 1-2 months and with treatment maybe a year. i guess it depends on what stage it's at, which we'll find out tomorrow. we do have pet insurance so that should help with some of the treatment if we at least decide to start it. he's only 5 years old and has been through so much this past year with 2 acl surgeries, a mast cell tumor removed (turned out to be benign) and a canine tooth pulled. i just feel so bad for him.
if anyone has any encouraging news i could really use it about now.
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Oh gosh... I am so very sorry. And such a young pup too. I'll be praying that the results are on the positive end... ((((HUGS))))

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I am so sorry. Our 5 year old was diagnosed last May. It was exactly the same. 100% fine one day and then really sick the next. It took us about a week and a half to know that is was Lymphoma. We were devastated. We opted for chemo and Porter did really well up until the end. Most days he was about 80% of his usual self and was still really happy. We had to let him go about 2 weeks ago because came out of remission and things got bad. We couldn't see him suffer.

You will have lots of good days ahead, and some bad days. Enjoy every minute you get with Brody. These goldens don't deserve this nasty disease!!!!
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I'm so sorry. I did see your post in Duke's thread. We have a few members who's dogs are going through the same medical issues as Brody and doing well, so there is hope! I'm sure once they see this thread, they'll be more than willing to help you learn all about this disease and it's treatments, and what you can expect while Brody goes through his treatments.
God Bless and Hugs to you and Brody!
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I am so sorry. He is such a young guy. I will be keeping you in my thoughts!
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So sorry to hear this!.
Hope you will be able to treat it and have more yrs,with him!.
Sorry to hear about Brody's diagnosis. I hope the oncologist will give you some good options this afternoon. Please keep us posted. I will be keeping Brody in my thoughts.
Hi Jay,

I'm so sorry to hear about Brody :( Lymphoma is an awful disease and it seems to be taking some of the best dogs away from us far too young.

My heart dog, Skokie passed away at 4½ years old from it and I hate to say it, but your original post sounds exactly like what happened with her. It hit her so suddenly and it was only a matter of 2 weeks from the initial symptom/lethargy to her last day with us. When we finally received our test results back, it was just too far advanced for us to help her with anything other than prednisone shots. She passed away peacefully in her sleep by the lake at our cottage and we sure miss her dearly.

I am sending my thoughts your way and really hope that you are able to help Brody through this and have a much better outcome than we did with Skokie!

When you have the time please share some pics of your boy! :)
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Sending good thoughts your way. Find and read Meggie's thread for an uplifting, success story.

Here's the thread/
Thanks everyone for replying and sharing your experiences with me. It definitely makes it a little easier to be able to share this and know we're not alone. I will post more pictures when I get a chance, but in the meantime here are a few of him and our son..they're such good buddies


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I'm very sorry to read your news about Brody. He's so young! I like your second photo very much, Brody and your son, smiling to the camera...
I’m so sorry. There are dogs that beat this. Brody is a young, strong dog.

There will be many great folks here rooting for Brody and thinking you and your family. Many that have been through similar situations and some that will have some great advise. Welcome to the board. I wish it was under different circumstances but unfortunately, many of us find this forum when the chips are down. Godspeed to your family and Brody. We will be pulling for him.
He's beautiful. I can see he's very special to your family :heartbeat
I am so sorry for Brody's diagnosis. Hopefully the oncologist will have some positive news and he can beat this disease. Your family is just beautiful. The picture of your son and Brody is just precious. Welcome to the forum and I hope you will keep us updated on what the oncologist says.
I am so sorry for the diagnosis. I hope it is early and treatable. Those are darling pictures.
So sorry, prayers going your way.
Hi, Jay

I'm glad you started Brody's own thread. It will be checked on a regular basis by many. I'm waiting to see what the oncologist says. Is that shaved spot on his leg from his ACL surgery?

Your son and Brody's pictures are really precious. Brody is a handsome boy next to a very handsome young man. Praying you get some good news, Jay. Let us know as soon as you can.

Looking forward to more and more pictures.
Jay, fingers crossed here that your family and Brody have much more time together. A little boy and his dog are a precious here's hoping the oncologist has good news for you.
Praying for Brody. He is beautiful!
Prayers being sent for your family & Brody
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