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We are getting our first puppy June 11, at 8 weeks old. I'm planning on almost a full week of a lot of focus on him, taking some time off work and doing some work from home to be around, with my husband filling in any gaps with his flexible schedule.

My primary (part-time) job is welcoming of dogs, and very excited to have a puppy around. There will rarely be more than 5 people in the office, so overwhelming him will not be an issue, and we plan on having visitors come by to help socialize him. The problem is what to do about allowing him to go to the bathroom before he is fully vaccinated (another 8 weeks after we get him). The office is in a downtown area, next to a parking lot and a park. There aren't a ton of strays, but we are somewhat close to a soup kitchen and lots of the local homeless have pets (which it seems safe to assume are rarely vaccinated).

Should I limit him to a certain part of the park with limited dog traffic? Will dogs go on cement and I'll pick it up? Or paper train him in the office (even though he'll be using the yard at home)? Or is there something else I am overlooking?
Thanks, he'll be hanging out in the office a lot as he grows, so I'm hoping this can start sooner than later.

(this is him at 3.5 weeks)
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