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I didn't think it would ever happen but we are in a good position to add another pup to the family!

This is what we want :

*A local breeder (Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, maybe Kentucky)
*I want a local breeder because I don't believe in shipping a puppy.
*I want a pup between May and August because I'm not taking summer classes this year.
*I want a male because Scout is a more passive female (very non alpha). I was told this would be best for her.
*I want a healthy pet quality pup. I can't afford the best, so if you think your dogs are the best, I probably can't afford one.
* I'm willing to pay for peace of mind as far as health goes.

I have a trusted retired neighbor walking Scout when I have to work between 11am and noon. I only work part time. He can come over more often if needed though. We also have a house on the lake, where Scout and our future pup will be able to swim every weekend in the summertime.

When we got Scout I was clueless as to how to pick a breeder. She was not from a petstore and not from a puppy mill, that's all I really knew to stay away from at the time. Her breeders are very good people. Lets just say they aren't the greatest breeders though. Parents didn't have clearences (father had hips done). I didn't even know enough to ask what they were, fine, excellent, ect. Scout is very healthy at two years old, thank God.

If you think my family would give one of your future pups a good home please private message me with your contact info. If you got a puppy from a really good breeder in my area please let me know about it.

Also, any advise on how to pick the right pup would be greatly appreciated!

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