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The sire has all of the recommended clearances, I'll let someone more knowledgeable than me weigh in on the mom since she doesn't have OFA certs but FCI ones.

Pretty much every breeder I've spoken to in the west coast has had a 6-12 month waiting list. I'm currently on a 10- 12 month one myself for a pup out of MA
Sire does not have all the rec. clearances per the CoE- his hips/elbows were done at 12 months of age, his heart is a p cert (and these imported dogs have serious heart lacks on checks) and his eyes are out of date... so really, he has nothing CoE compliant but the DNA.
Dam- hip/elbow done before exporting to this US breeder on 2-26-2019. She was born on 6-1-2018 so she was even less appropriately checked.
I think keep looking. Just because a site is pretty don't get hooked in.
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