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Hey all!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I've been doing some research into the brake-fast bowls and I wanted to pass along some info. Some of the metal bowls that are sold such as the one in the link below have a coating on them that flake off over time, some reports in as little as 2 weeks. My trainer showed me one the other day and I didn't think anything of it but one of her other clients advised that their dog had been having seizures and they were unsure why. They finally narrowed it down and they think what was happening was the coating of the bowl was being ingested by their lab and causing the seizures. They have since invested in a stainless steel brake-fast bowl and no seizures! Now all opinions aside I cannot say that is what was causing the seizures however it sure does sound like it. If you look on the page it does state that the coating comes off but yet it shouldn't harm dogs, etc.

Therefore I will not be purchasing this bowl and will be on the hunt for a stainless one myself...Can anyone point me in the right direction?

MEDIUM METAL Brake Fast Dog Bowl . $36.00.

Got a new Golden. Year and a half old female, her name is Nala. Spayed and gorgeous! She's getting along with the boys well. She was actually my ex-girlfriends and I knew of Nala and couldn't say no. 3 is a handful but gosh I love every minute with them.

Slater's field trial training is going well. He goes to class 4 days a week. He picked up his first duck the other day...I was a very proud Dad! haha!

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

Take care!
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