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Bothered Ear

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I took Ryder to the vet this weekend because he kept shaking his head and itching his right ear. I took a flash light but didn't see anything. The vet looked, his ears are clean but had alittle redness. I asked if there was any way to prevent it, she said no. I have a cleaning rinse and ear medicine to give him.

Later that day I was talking with a woman at my bank. She said that her dog (not a golden) is prone to ear issues and always on ear medicine; even loosing it's hearing.

Question; are goldens prone to ear problems?

PS: He was weighed at the vet and he is 57lbs! He is just over 5 months old and the vet said that he is going to grow alot more. I questioned if he was too big; she said he looks great.
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Max might be a bit bigger than Ryder. I so need to figure out how to have him weighed! Maybe Ryders dad was really big.

As for ear, all floppy eared dogs have problems so if I were you, I'd by doggy ear wipes and use them often!! It helps a lot! :)
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