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I use to sell Blue Buffalo at Petsmart. Man that was a boring job....

You need to go by what the bag says to feed. Every brand is different since as you said the ingrediants are different.

BB has made their food free of most things dogs are allergic to. Granted there are some dogs that can only eat duck meat because they are allergic to every other meat... It's not all that commen though.

If your pup eats all of it's BB then i'd keep him on it! While I worked it seemed a lot of pups wouldn't eat the "good" stuff since the smaller bites of food is where all the vitimins and such are. They would go around those bits lol. Reminds me of most kids eating lucky charms...

Check the pups stool too and make sure there are no worms. Those buggers will also cause a bloated stomach. But most pups look like they have a big tummy on them.
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