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biting and chewing our blankets..

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Our 10 month old, Sammie, is allowed to come up on our bed for a little bit before we go to sleep. He's been sleeping out of his crate since he was about 4 or 5 months.

For about the last month, we cannot get him to stop nibbling, biting, and chewing our blankets. When he is on our bed, he will "nibble"- you know, kind of cute, little, innocent bites. We tell him no but he will often get back to it.

If he stays out of the crate overnight, he wakes up in the middle of the night and will actually chew a HOLE in our blanket.

This week we started putting him in his crate as soon as he bites a blanket. We have been keeping him in his crate overnight so as to avoid more holes (and he doesn't seem to mind).

Is this a phase? How can we fix this?

Thank you!
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I would guess that it is a phase he is going through. If he is fine with the crate that is certainly the way to go. Another thought is to have a favorite stuffed toy for him to chew on in the night instead of your bedding. From personal experience do not use a raw marrow bone as those make a lot of noise while you are trying to sleep. :p:
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