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Billie is feeling fall!

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I got some new pictures of Miss Billie on her 2nd Birthday - she's such a sweet little girl. Seems like it was just yesterday she was coming home, I can't believe she's two!


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She is one beautiful girl! Great pictures :)
Gorgeous. She has such a long lovely neck.
awwww so cute! She has that twinkle in her eye! Is she a mischief maker?
She's gorgeous!!! Doesn't seem to mind the camera either.
Miss Billie is beautiful!! You got some great pictures. Happy Birthday!!
What a beautiful girl she is!! Just love her face! Happy 2nd Birthday! :)
Happy Birthday Beautiful Miss Billie ! Simply stunning !
How do you do a Cat Whistle online? :p: Billie is a gorgeous girl. Happy Two Billie!
Absolutely beautiful!
She is just gorgeous and you can see that mischief maker in her eye.
She is so pretty!!! Happy Birthday Billie!
She is so feminine and pretty!
what a pretty girl! They grow so fast, don't they. Happy birthday to her!
She is so pretty! Her tail is amazing.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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