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It's all over facebook that BOB was Chaos, BIS BISS Am CH Rush Hill Run'n Amuck at Abelard OA, OAJ, AXP,AJP,NFP (SDHF, OS). I read it about 8 times! Apologies if this isnt accurate- I am sure someone will correct it quickly!

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Some of these are unconfirmed just passing them along from Facebook -

BOB - Rush Hill's Runnin Amuck at Abelard
BOS - HoneyBear's This Ones For You

Again, unconfirmed from Facebook AOM's --

Malagold Stone Sour
Tempo's You've Got What Gets Me
Monagram's Bada Bing
Abigail Lemoney Snicket
Dalane Doizaki Buckingham Pride
Smoketree's Mac and Cheese
Malagold Augusta Genuine Article
Birch Hollows Ryd'n on Route 66
River Roads Pay'n it Forward
Glengowan's Sugar and Spice
JBG's A Date With Destiny
RushHill's Pharlap

Best Puppy at the National Specialty - Scion Hott Pants

WD- Gracious Glds Grease Lightning

WB- Castlerock's Who's The Boss

Huge Congrats to everyone!!

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Wow! Scion Hot Pants sure is a stunning girl!

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Ooooh! I saw Karli 2 years ago when she won here in Monmouth County. I got some nice pics too - nice little package!

Love the name of the Winning dog! I wonder if he lives up to it. :p:

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When forum members make comments about how redheads get ignored in the ring, can we all remember to provide a link to this thread? LOL!!!

Congrats to the owners, breeders and handler on this wonderful win! And congrats to BOS and AOM winners too! What an honor!

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I think Choas is amazing.

About redheads -- the dogs I was most impressed with were red this year!

Chaos daughter, Scion Groovy Pants - Groovy -- if she isn't the cutest thing! Well deserving of Best Puppy!!!

I would say Tonya is living the dream. Pharley looked amazing. Ocean (owned by Jennifer Nee and showed to perfection by her) was stunning. Vegas who didn't make the cut - wow - love him! (he may have made the first cut, but I can't remember).

Our breed had some amazing representation at the National.

Congrats to Kelly Shufflebottom on her BOS and her veteran bitch who just about took my breath away. I love those veterans!

Both the 6-9 puppy dog and puppy bitch class were filled with amazing puppies. If that represents the future of our breed -- it is a good good thing.

Funny how i have come home and think back to all I saw and did and I just smile. It truly was a great National!.

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Yay, Chaos!!! I agree with Donna. The classes were just BEAUTIFUL!!! I could not believe my eyes! The puppy classes were especially stunning! Drop-dead GORGEOUS puppies! :D
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