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Bella at the beach

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I took my little darling to some of the gorgeous beaches on the south coast of NSW (australia) where we had a lovely day..One of the beaches there has the whitest sand in the world :D She likes to go in the water but cos these beaches are bay beaches the waves are small and loud and she doesnt like them...I had to literally drag her in at times and then she would go between my legs hehe... The last 2 photos are at Hyams beach with the whitest sand:D


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And here I thought my guys were spoiled having their own island with a beach. Wow!!! Bella has is made down under with a gorgeous beach like that. If you would like Oakly, Caue and I to come down to give Bella swimming lessons just pay the airfare and we can be there this weekend. :):p:
when I win the lotto i will book you all on the next plane here :) bella would love some swimming lessons too hehe
Great shots and a wonderful beach to visit!!
Bella is gorgeous and the beach is amazing, with this two combinations pictures are no more than stunning!
What a beautiful dog and beach! Great pictures.
Well aren't you two lucky! What a gorgeous spot to play! Beautiful photos!
Awesome landscape and your girl is so gorgeous :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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