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Behavior question

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I've had a lot of dogs but this is a first for me... Angie has started pushing her food bowl all around the floor with her nose and knocking food out of it. She doesn't knock all the food out of it and she seems to eat food in and out of the bowl in equal amounts. The food is California Natural and her appetite hasn't changed one way or the other.

Changed bowls, changed locations, removed mats that were underneath, etc, etc....

Anyone have their dog do this?
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Clover will push her bowl around when its empty or pick it up and throw it! When there's food in it, she eats first and then plays!
A lot of dogs have funny little quirks. Mine are no exception. Penny just turned 2 and will still grab a bite of food, run about 10 feet from the bowl, eat it and return. She repeats this about 4 times, then will hunker down and eat like she is starving.. snorting, grunting, etc. Then licks the bowl all over the floor.. and it even has a rubber bottom. Rusty likes one of us to be in the same room as he is.. Go figure! :doh:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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