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Hi everyone!

My wife and I are going to welcome a little Golden puppy in the next few weeks. It will be my very first experience having a dog, and I am extremely excited and happy. I want the very best for him (it will be a male Golden) and as a new dog owner, I have hundreds of questions.

I know Golden Retrievers grow extremely fast, but I haven't been able to found data regarding their average height/length while growing up (despite looking for the information in three different languages :cry:).

Therefore, what bed size should we buy for our 8 week old puppy ?
Should we buy a different bed for each stage of his development? or;
2. Should we directly look for an adult size bed ? Will our puppy feel comfy and secured?

I really hope you guys can help me out and share your own experience. I am really excited to join the Golden Retriver family very soon! 馃グ

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There's probably lots of opinions and approaches out there, so just sharing what we did for ours...

We didn't give our puppy a bed or anything soft to lay on the first month we had her. When she was somewhere around 12 weeks old we got her a cheap bed to see how she would fare. She had a couple of accidents on it and attempted to chew on it a few times. We never let her around the bed unsupervised so we could correct the behaviour. After she was reliably potty trained and could be trusted to wander around the house while we were home, we got her a crate mat and a nice doggy bed that is adult sized. We could tell from her "training" bed that she was the kind of dog to like sleeping on soft surfaces. This isn't all dogs though - a lot of them prefer harder / cooler surfaces rather than a bed.

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GRs do well without bed and as said above, many also prefer sleeping on cool, hard floor. Since they have double coat to keep them warm, sleeping on a bed makes them feel even hotter.

But to answer your question; i'd go with adult-sized bed off the bat. Why?
Since when dog takes ownership of it and if you'd have puppy sized bed, pup will outgrow it, fast. And may want the small bed back, despite being twice it's size. Now, with adult-sized bed, there isn't such worry.

In a similar note; a crate. Would you buy puppy-sized crate or adult-sized crate?
Most owners, including us, bought adult-sized crate. Many also section crate off, to make it smaller for puppyhood.

In our crate, about half the surface area, we have a sniffing mat, while the rest is bare plastic floor. This gives our pup a choice, either sleep on the soft part for comfort, or hard part for cooler feel. :)

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Agreed with above. We got him a bed that was fit for a 50 lb sized dog and then moved up to the size for an adult golden, but even after a month where he was more reliably getting into the habit of not having accidents, he wanted to pee on his bed. So we had to take it away until he was completely potty trained. Our puppy also loves and still loves cool surfaces, and doesn't really sleep in any of the beds we have for him out about in our house (he has 3). He'll occasionally take short naps in them, but we use them more as a "place command" for him to be when guests come or when we have our meals.

Other puppy owners will tell you that puppies also like to chew and tear things apart, including beds. This did not happen with our puppy, but I think it's better to invest in a bed when your puppy is older, at around 5-6 months.

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As most above say, Golden's don't do beds, as they get to hot! As dogs, they have an instinct to go into confined areas to sleep, like caves. We take advantage of that instinct and get them a crate to sleep in. You can get both wire crates and plastic crates. I prefer wire crates because they allow the free flow of air which helps keep the pup cool. They also can be purchased for a full-size pup with an adjustable divider. This allows you to adjust the size of the usable space as the pup grows. Crates are also key in teaching a pup to go outside to do his business. Dogs will not mess where the sleep. If you adjust the crate so the new puppy only has room to lay down, then he will not be able to leave his bed to he will whimper, or wine, or start spinning around. Since you have this crate next to your bed, this will wake you up, so you can quickly take him outside. And that is how he will learn to hold it until he gets outside...

Do a search on this website under 'crate training' and learn all you can about is key to getting a new pup off to a good start.

Good Luck and Have Fun
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