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Bear-Golden/Lab Mix dies today at 10 AM in OHIO!!!!!!

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POOR baby, Bear-he's only one, but is a mix.
He will die at Carroll County Dog Pound in CARROLLTON, OHIO, at 10 AM this morning.
Urgent #2 Bear

Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever [Mix]
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Printer friendly Email a friend Enlarge photo More About Urgent #2 Bear1 year old. Good with kids but jumps. Available for a limited time from the Carroll County Dog Pound, 2185 Kensington Rd. NE, Route 9, Carrollton, Ohio 44615. Located southeast of the Akron/Canton area. Please call the dog warden at 330-627-4244 for further details. The pound is open Monday-Friday, 9-5, except holidays. The adoption fee is $16 and includes the dog license, which will be mailed to you, and a 5 way shot. Dogs at the pound are strays and surrenders and are not health or temperament checked. Any dog from any pound can be infected with parvo or other contagious diseases and should be isolated from your pets at home until examined or tested by a vet. All dogs and puppies recieve a 5-way shot. If you adopt a puppy who has been vaccinated it should not be given another parvo vaccination for at least two weeks. For information on parvo, please consult a veterinarian. The breeds listed are only our best guess. The dogs are photographed and posted by volunteers who make no claims as to the temperament, breed, age or sex of any dog listed. All emails are answered by volunteers, not the pound staff. Please be respectful to the warden and his staff as it is their cooperation that makes posting these photos possible. Adoptions and rescues are first come, first served. The pound is not able to comply with requests to hold dogs. Thank you. Please check out the ShelterCare banner on our homepage for pet health insurance offers. Spaying and neutering offers your pet many health and behavior benefits and lessens the over population of homeless animals who must be euthanized at shelters! My Contact InfoCarroll County Dog Pound
Carrollton, OH
Email Carroll County Dog Pound
Urgent #2 Bear

Carroll County Dog Pound
Carrollton, OH
[email protected]


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Thank you for looking and saying he was adopted.
We will hope that he was!
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