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Bark and Run

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I have yet another question about Harvey :)

His latest trick is that he has learned to bark to come inside (which is fine) but then when I go to open the door, he runs away. I think he's trying to get me outside to play. He gets plenty of play time with me and plenty of exercise.

My question is how to I stop this? I was thinking that everytime he does it, I should make him come in but then turns into a game of chase and I could ignore him but I don't wan't him bothering my neighbors with the barking.

Any suggestions? Anyone else have similar problems? Thanks!
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Dodger does that too, but without the barking. He stands at the door and when I open it he runs off. I cant leave him out without watching from the window, so it gets annoying if I need to do some work and he doesn't want to come in. Sometimes I'll leave the door open and run off to hide somewhere. Then he will run into the house to find me and gets lots of praise when he does. But I can't leave the door open for long because we have three indoor cats. Anyways, thats probably not a good solution, but it has saved my sanity a number of times.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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