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Bailey is home from getting spayed

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She did awesome during surgery. However, I may end up calling the vet's office here soon and ask for stonger pain medicine. I gave her the deramaxx they gave me a few minutes ago, but she is whining. I'll see if it will kick in and if not hopefully they will give me something else. I don't have the collar on her yet and she has not tried to lick her stitches. She seems to be a bit uncomfortable right now. Poor Bailey. :(
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Poor baby!!!
Sending good thoughts her way along with lots of hugs and kisses.
Feel better soon Bailey!!
Poor Bailey! I'm glad everything went well. I hope the pain subsides for her quickly.
This is always hard to watch. My Willow was not feeling the best either. Just as a side note, is 4 months a good age for a female puppy to be spayed? I ask because I was always under the assumption that 6 months was the soonest to get that done.
Yeah, 4 months is fine to have them spayed according to the vets office. I didn't wait until 6 months because I'm having a spinal fusion on my neck in the next few weeks and I won't be able to drive or take special care of Bailey for 12 weeks while I'm in a neck brace. I didn't want to deal with Bailey going into season either to wait after I heal from my own surgery. Spinal fusions are horrible, I had one last March.

I've also had all my cats fixed at that age too.
Sorry to hear about your surgery - I hopes all goes as well as it can and you recover quickly!!
im so glad bailey is ok and home and that you have to have all that to go through but personally think its way to young to have a dog spayed cats are completely different a dog be it a male or female is still growing and developing till they are at least 18 months old ,but i know you have surgery to go through and was only putting the dog first .
Bailey is doing much better after the pain medicine. I was worried. I know what it's like to be in severe pain. She is such a good girl.
I'm so glad to hear that!!!
It's so hard when you know they are uncomfortable.
Hope she had a good night :)
She's already doing much better. She got boiled chicken and rice for dinner. She wouldn't eat her regular food and I happened to make boneless chicken for the rest of us on the grill. Bailey perked up after eating her dinner and then I had to put the collar on her. She is busy licking at her stitches. Oh, I iced it earlier too twice for 20 minutes each. She didn't seem to mind the ice at all.
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