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Bailey is growing so fast

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Just want to share a few pictures of Bailey when she was 8 1/2 weeks old and now at almost 17 weeks. She weighed 11 pounds when we got her and now she's almost 28 pounds.
She's a good girl and love to play with other dogs we meet on our walks and loves the puppy classes.
Sure she still has the biting and jumping going on but it's getting much better.
At night she's wonderful and just walks in her crate and sleeps at least until 6.30am... sometimes I am lucky and she sleeps until 7.15am. We never had to get up with her at night.
We love her very much!


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Wow she sure is ADORABLE!!! what a gorgeous face on her, its hard to believe that she is already 17 weeks!

I love her rich colour, she's a beauty!
She's her color.
Bailey is beautiful. It sounds like you are falling in love. The nipping and mouthing are very normal and with little work will go away soon enough. Enjoy every second of her puppyhood and take lots of pictures.
I love the big middle picture at the bottom!
She is just gorgeous. I love the stage she is at right now all legs and ears. Enjoy those puppy days because they just fly by so fast. Her coloring is so pretty.
She is really growing up, and she's just gorgeous!

I am in the same boat as you. Every day I look at Winchester and think the same things you do. He's growing so fast.
I love those bath pics. Why is it dogs love swimming, playing in the rain and water but look so pitiful in the tub? She's beautiful.
Bailey is a beautiful girl! She is the same age as Riley and almost the same weight. 1st pic is last week, second is homecoming day - 8 weeks.


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Riley is so cute and still looks so fluffy.
Our previous dogs name was also Riley. He was a maltese and we loved him so much, but unfortunately he was very agressive with any visitor with had in the house (he bit or tried to bite - we had to have a muzzle for him). We just couldn't have him anymore, also because of our little boy as we had to be careful that he never opened the door without us being around. One time Riley got out and almost bit a 18 month old child outside. We still are grieving and miss him very much.
But after almost 4 years of trying to get rid of his aggression we had to give up (we feel we failed on him and it hurts). We gave him to a good rescue and he found a good home with another dog and cats and no kids and is doing really good there. I hope he doesn't develop this overprotective behaviour again. Love the name Riley!
I am so sorry to hear about your Riley. We had a cat we worked with for almost a year. We loved her dearly but she never could get along with our other 6 cats. She would attack without warning. It was very hard to give her up but better for all in the long run.

Riley isn't all that fluffy anymore. Just on her silly looking ears! Do you have Bailey on a slow growth plan? Riley is just a couple of pounds behind Bailey and I'm worried I haven't been feeding her enough. She has been gaining the recommended <2 lbs a week but that has slowed lately so I have increased her food. Seems like there are a lot of dogs on these forums who are much heavier than ours at the same age.
No Bailey isn't on this plan. We just feed her a cup 3 times a day and then she gets the treats for training. So far she gained an average of 2 pounds a week, so that is fine. I will keep an eye on her weight, as I really don't want her to get overweight.

Yes, it's hard and just today I watched a few movie clips of Riley and it just makes me cry, I was very attached to him. He was always good to us and never bit us, that made our decision even harder.
Bailey is adorable! :D
Thank you Nicole. Do you have any recent pictures of your Bailey?
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