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Bailey has kennel cough

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I posted yesterday that I was worried that Bailey has an allergic reaction to the shots she got on Monday.
Well, she still got that weird crup like sound when pulling on the leash this morning so I went to the Vet. It looks like she got kennel cough (although mild) but she's now on antibiotic and cough syrup.
She must have gotten it that one time she was in the puppy daycare. Although it's a very good place where they check all the vaccinations and health status she was unlucky...and we too, these vet bills are killing me.
I hope she will feel better soon so that we can continue the puppy classes, I am so bummed.
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OH MY I am so sorry! Hoping for a quick recovery
Kennel cough happens no matter how careful. We keep Brady up to date on his nose spray, but he still had a light case of it last year. The vet just let it run its course. The croup was painful to listen to.

Hope she is feeling better!
Hopefully, Bailey will be better soon.

Dakota got it right after the shots. She was miserable, they gave us stuff for her to sleep. In a couple days she was as good as new. But I felt bad and spoiled her rotten with attention and new toys.
they can come down with it from the vaccination itself.....typically about 5-7 days after the vaccination. It's why most boarding places (include mine!) don't allow the shots within 10 days of arrival here.
Aw bummer.... hope she's feelin better soon!
Bailey had her vaccination on Monday late afternoon and then she started the coughing just the next morning.
The vet said, it might be that she got it at her puppy playdate at the daycare (she was there for 3 1/2 hours last Tuesday), so it started a week after she was there. I am just bummed because I was so anxious to start the puppy classes with her. I had to wait already earlier because she had internal parasites at 8 1/2 weeks and I had to keep her away from other dogs. We just did one class last 4 days ago and now I have to wait again a week. How long does usually the kennel cough last, she really does only breath croup like when she pulls on the leash otherwise I don't really hear her coughing.
Usually it's about two weeks, although I was told it was fine to go out in public a week after the coughing stopped...

I hope she is better soon. My vet vaccinated Bailey for kennel cough right away just in case she ran into it.
I read that dogs shed for 6-14 weeks the Bortadella virus so other dogs can still get it...anybody familiar with this?
I really want to continue the puppy classes for Bailey (14 weeks) as soon as she feels better. She's on her 4th day of antibiotics (out of 7 days) and gets also cough syrup.
What did you do with your dogs when they got the kennel cough?
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