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Back to the vet....again!

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We adopted Lucky two months ago. Right when we got him he had loose stools/diarehhia. Along with the loose stools he was puking every couple of days and only on those days would be lethargic like. First vet treated him for a parasite which came up negative, just in case (they did not test for giardia) Anyways, after finding a second vet we found out Lucky had giardia. Treated him for 2 weeks with medicines.

During the treatments he had one firm poo (Yippee!!). The next day he puked, back to lethargic ways. Called the vet, she said give it time he had a bad case for a long time. A couple of days pass, still has diarehhia. Called the vet. They said give it a couple of days. They did not want to see him. So this morning he wakes up and pukes again! He is back to being lethargic today. I called the vet and they said they would see him tomorrow. The doctor is not in today.

I mentioned to them as well that Lucky drinks a lot of water! Or at least seems to to me. We fill his bowl at least 7 times a day!

Does anyone have any ideas of what I should be asking the vet this time? Should we ask to do another round of treatments, even though he has been through two rounds? Could too much water (if 7 bowls is too much) be causing the problems? Are there any other tests we should request for my sweet baby?

The vet told me to monitor and measure his water intake to see how much he is really drinking. So I will know more on that tomorrow.

Any help on questions for them is much appreciated! I feel so bad that he has been sick for 2 months!
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Do you have a vet college near you? I ask because sometimes they can help when other vets are just not sure of what it might be. Maybe you can give him some smaller meals a couple of times a day to see if that helps. Sometimes when dogs eat to much at one meal it could give them loose stools. I am not certain but 11 months is kind of young for diabetes but I dont know everything about diabetes. Until you can get to the bottom of what is going on, I would limit his treats to the bare minimum or knock them out completely. Just his food, to see if it might be something in the treats. Keeping a journal is a good idea.
Look for a different variety of California Natural. There are several that dont have chicken

And it wouldnt hurt adding a probiotic. Natures Farmacy is a good one that people use here
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