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Atlanta dog squad-ga-needs fosters!!

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Atlanta Dog Squad in Roswell, GA rescues Retrievers.
Kelly asked me to post this:

I asked Kelly to take the three Golden Rets. at Butts County in Jackson, GA, and here is her reply.

I'm sorry Karen. We are full and have no space into the forseeable future. If you know of anyone that can foster a dog, please send them to us.

ADS Vounteer
[email protected]
Roswell, GA

Here are all the retrievers they rescue:
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Left a message for Adopt-a-Golden about these three . . .


What msg. did you leave them about these three?

You are wonderful!!


I will try J&L too.
AGA has gotten back to me - the male golden retriever has been adopted, they are unsure on the other two as GRRA covers this shelter (GRRA is aware of the two mixes).


Thanks for the info. I will check with GRRA

Kim from GRRA said in an email that she called the shelter and both puppies were adopted-I'm assuming she is talking about the two female mixes.

Thanks, Jealous!
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