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Arthritis Meds

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I have a female golden who will be 9 yrs old in February. She began limping on her rear right leg recently. She had the same thing about 4 or 5 months ago and was put on Vetpofen for 2 weeks and it went away but started again just recently. I requested the vet to have her put on Galliprant since it is not so damaging to to the liver and kidneys. She has been on it for about a few weeks but still limps. The vet did X-rays and it is showing arthritis in her back legs and a little in the spine. She said the Galliprant is not as strong as the Vetprofen. So I am debating about the switch. She also said if the Vetprofen doesn’t work we could add gabapentin for pain. She also said that once she goes on Vetprofen…you can’t try another NSAID. Has anyone ever heard of this? Different nsaids can work differently from others. I also understand that there is a 7 day washout before starting another nsaid. Any ideas on this?
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I used gabapentin when my old boy was starting to get a little stiff - we could not use NSAIDs due to steroid use. It seemed to be very beneficial for him and gabapentin is a pretty safe drug.
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