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Are puppies in pain during the teething phase?

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It breaks my heart to see my puppy's gums full of blood and I wonder if this is a painful process for him? He is almost 5 months...I know babies get fevers and get really fuzzy, so I don't know if puppies have symptoms that I can help alleviate. He loves ice... and I thought maybe that helps him a little but then again I don't know if it hurts him. Should I keep him away from anything too hard? Should I give him anything?
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Hi, only yesterday I was asking about the teething at our vets for our near 4 month old Daisy, and as mentioned above, toys etc from the fridge or freezer would help her. They also mentioned putting her puppy nylon bones/toys etc in the fridge to chill for a few hours.

I was told that sometimes puppies bite more some days than others, and get a bit frustrated because of the teething, I can only imagine it must a bit painful for them and that's the only way for them to try and stop the pain :-( poor little things.

I love the idea about putting cloths/socks in the freezer, I will go and try that one now!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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