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Apple's 9 months old!! Pics & Update

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Apple turned 9 months on Sept. here are is a quick pic I took with my phone...

I've lurked on the forum for a little bit - but haven't posted much. :curtain:

Apple is doing great...after her elbow surgery she *almost* became a different puppy! She was bunny hopping, running and jumping - which she NEVER did before. She is still VERY laid back - she's just happy being near us...happy chewing her antler and happy to eat.

She has moments of weirdness...the staring thing still happens - but not so much that it's bothersome. She NEVER barks...I don't think she's barked in 3 months...which - I AM NOT COMPLAINING!! :) She does 'whine' when she needs/wants something - it's so cute when she 'talks' to us!

She is still small - her friend Rylee - the black lab - is 2 months younger than Apple and she towers over her...but Apple's a tough cookie - she shows Rylee who's the oldest! ;)

She is still a joy - and we look forward to many YEARS with her...

Thanks for looking...and have a fantastic rest of the ye ar!! :wavey:


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I'm like you and don't post a lot, but do read some and I remember reading all about Apple. I am so happy to hear she is doing well, that is fantastic news! She is an absolute doll! :)
Apple is adorable! What a cutie!
I'm so glad that Apple is doing well. She is beautiful!
I'm glad to see a happy update! Apple and you deserve much happiness!!!
Yay for Apple--glad to hear she is doing better! I love the little curls around her ruff--cute!
She's beautiful!! More pics!! One is not enough. You are such a good person to have stuck with her. I am sure she knows how lucky she is to have you!
Wonderful news about Apple. She is just beautiful.
SO glad to hear she's doing well. What a doll. You really need to post more and shower us with more Apple pics.
She is just beautiful and love those curls. I am glad that she is doing so well.
Such a beautiful happy face! And I love the curls. She's a real cutie.
I've been wondering how Apple was doing. Glad to hear she's well! And I love those curls on her chest, she's cute!
Yay for Apple, I am so happy she is doing better. She looks wonderful!
I've been wondering about Apple! I am so glad to hear that she's doing better. She's such a beautiful dog and sounds so sweet. :)
What a sweetie! She's so lucky to have such a great mom like you.
Apple is a beautiful girl. So glad she is doing better.
I too am glad to hear that she is doing well. I remember how distraut you were over her multitude of issues. Glad things have turned around.
What a sweet girl Apple is, I'm so glad she is doing better!
Apple is a sweetheart. I'm glad to hear she's doing well.
Glad to hear the update and that she has recovered from her surgery, able to return to enjoy the time she missed out on in her puppyhood!! She looks really happy in her pic!
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