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Anything wrong with feeding 3 times a day?

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Is there anything inherently wrong with feeding 3 times a day instead of 2?

We've been feeding our 14-month-olds twice a day since they were about six months old, but I think we're going to move back up to three. Riley, the male, is slightly underweight (confirmed by vet). He seems to need 4 cups a day to maintain his weight, despite only being 61 pounds! The problem is he doesn't want to eat 2 whole cups in a single feeding, especially in the morning.

They've recently been switched to ZD prescription dog food to see if it will help their allergies. That's part of the problem... Riley was fine (but never with any weight to spare) on 3 1/2 cups of ProPlan, but when we switched to the ZD he started to lose weight.
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One thing to consider is when you go away for a few days and board your dog somewhere. Will they do 3 feedings a day? A friend might but I know when I had to board mine at the vet, they do 2 feedings a day. Personally I never saw the need in more than twice a day, until recently. I now feed 4 times a day due to a health problem(ME). Pretty much required to help manage the disease.
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