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Anyone use revolution for dogs?

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On paper, Revolutions seems to be the best parasite preventative medication around (killing almost all parasites). Question is.. is it really safe? Any of you use this on their dogs/puppies?
My almost 2 and a half months puppy seemed to itch a lot and I was suspecting if he might have fleas. I couldn't see any fleas on him though.. He just had his second set of shots yesterday, and I asked the vet about his "rash" on genital area. He said that is normal for puppies, probably some urine got splashed on while he's urinating.
Just today I notice a small hair loss patch on his belly. It's small, probably 5 mm in diameter.. is this sign of fleas?
I also mentioned that my puppy scratch his ears quite a lot, he checked on his ear and said to leave them alone. He said dropping solutions inside the ear would make things worse, and just make sure his ear stay dry.
Any opinions on this?
Back to Revolution, should I wait a couple of weeks before using this medication since he just had his shot yesterday? or is it safe to use right now?
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I never used revolution on my dogs we been on Frontline Plus, but I'm sure it's about the same
Revolution is a good product and takes care of the heartworms, as well as fleas an other intestinal parasites. You should ask your vet if it is ok to apply it soon after the injections.
The vet treated Hank with Revolution on his first visit but the next month gave him Tri-Heart Plus (for heartworms) and Frontline (for fleas/ticks). I didn't question the reason for the change.

I waited about 10 days after Hank's last round of shots to apply Frontline.
I used Revolution for my dog Max, who was 9 at the time. He was already on Frontline Plus for fleas and ticks, but had been scratching quite a lot. The vet thought he might have had a particular mite even though it wasn't visible. Max was put on a weekly dose (very high) for one month of Revolution and it did a great job. We kept using it monthly thereafter. Hope that helps.
My dogs did well on Revolution for a while. Then they started having local reactions to it. They would lose hair at the application site. My previous golden would develop sores at the area we applied it. Not sure if this is common.
We've been using revolution with Asia since the lice problem we had and it has worked great. She hasn't had any adverse reaction to it and we use it monthly.
I guess I would wait a couple of weeks from his vaccination date just to be on the safe side.
It's just that my pup has been scratching a lot lately and I couldn't figure out why. I couldn't see any single flea jumping off his body, I didn't find any ticks.. so maybe mites?
The vet said the pimples on his genital area is normal and probably from the urine splashing onto it. I also ask him about the ears, as he often scratch his ear profusely and it kinda smells funny, but the vet said they're ok, just keep them dry.
Since revolution is also a preventative medication for monthly basis, I figured it would be safe to give to my pup even if he doesn't have any of the parasites, but I thought I ask here first.
I know I maybe worry too much, but after what happened with Iris, I felt like I didn't pay enough attention to her condition :(
My Noah also has a little reaction to Revolution the first time we used it. He seemed to get a little bald spot on the back of his neck. We've since then have been using advantix and heartguard.
Used Revolution almost since it came out--had one golden live to age 9; another nearly to age 13; I am currently using it on my "pup" that is 18 months old. I am a believer in the product.
Hello, i know that this post it a bit old but i have to chime in. We have a 10 week old golden that come home with some pimple like bites, were told that they were bites from his litter mates. He was itching at his ears and the bumbs seemed to go to his belly. Our vet told me that he has ear mites and that he believes he has mites too. We just used the revolution on him. I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything is ok.
I have been researching what to use for Bayne, it is now approaching Heartworm season and the vet gave me reading material on Heartguard Plus, this is for both heartworm and fleas/ticks, it's a topical application.

Any feedback on this? Bayne goes for his 3rd and last set of vaccinations + rabies around May 9....
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