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Anyone remember the foster pup we thought might be a havawort?

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Well, he obviously isn't, but he has grown into a handsome young dog. He is going to be 2 in December. He is about 55-60 lbs and a bit overweight. Maybe an Aussie mixed with Golden? Who knows. He is a sweetie still and I wish I had the finances to have let him stay with us, but we just couldn't. Instead, we pet sit him a couple of times a year.

Puppy pics

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He's adorable!!
What a cutie!!! I loved the cocked head shot - looks like such a sweet boy!

(He wasn't too tough on the eyes as a pup either ;))
He is a very handsome pup. It's nice you get to spend some time with him.
I love that they ask us to watch him when they travel. He really is a sweetheart. He has some bad manners that we always work on with him (just remind him of the house rules) and by the time he leaves, he is really well behaved again. He is always so happy to see us. He wouldn't even say bye to his mom tonight because he was afraid she was going to make him leave. LOL
Could be some english shepherd in there too...
Could be some english shepherd in there too...
That's a thought. His sister came in with him and stayed with us until they turned 8 weeks old. She was totally blond and looked like a golden puppy. That's how he wormed his way into the rescue. LOL
He is gorgeous.
I am in love once again! Very handsome! I can see where you see aussie. :)
What a lucky little fellow, love his expressions - from pup to teanie bopper.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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