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Anyone know anything about split seasons?

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I really thought my girl was going through a young heat that started last week (one week shy of six months). Her vulva swelled just a little and there was a little bit of red discharge--but never enough that she was actually getting it on anything. I noticed this two Wednesdays ago--and the following Tuesday she slept all day (unusual) followed by the next two days with lots of humping and increased brattiness (barking, play-biting rough). She had some yellow discharge for like two days and really not much anything right now.

I really thought she was young to come in, but google and older posts seem to indicate that they can come into heat at six months--albeit it is much less common. I had a breeder friend look at her today though, and she seemed to think Scout didn't have the really swollen characteristics of a bitch in heat and suggested that she may be having a split season--something this person hasn't experienced and has only heard about.

Thoughts? Experiences? Opinions?
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Hmmm, I really did not think UTI because she is not peeing more than normal or drinking a lot......

It has been a few weeks and I am noticing again that her vulva looks red and has been gradually getting darker the last couple of days, and today it is a deep red. I noticed a few weeks ago (and more recently) when I thought she was coming into heat that I could see and feel little bulbs for her nipples (though still not erupted--if that is the right term o_O)

So, maybe it is proving to be a split heat? Her breeder mentioned them as being common (so perhaps common for her lineage) and she is young and it will be a first heat. If it isn't a heat then I need to get her to the vet so let me know what you guys think! Should I hold out for a few days to see if she swells up and start bleeding more?


Scout is 6.5 months going on 7 months. I know there are pups from her daddy's side that have gone in at 7 months.
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